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Cody killed his first wild hog while on a deer hunting trip with his family 
in East Texas when he was 12 years old.  That one event ignited a 
spark inside him that soon turned into a passion for the sport of Hog 
Hunting.  At age 18, Cody began raising feral hogs and soon began 
researching European boars.  He  tracked down the few people in the 
USA that had recently imported these animals.  It was not long before 
Cody had obtained pure European boar stock of his own.  Thru selective 
breeding, he produced some of the largest boars ever known in captivity.  
Cody called his hog operation, "Brutal Boar Creations" and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the top breeders of European boar in the United States.  Cody produced boars that were shipped to ranches as far away as Pennsylvania and California.  

In 2002 Cody developed the "Weiser Weight & Tusk" wild boar record book which to date is the only record keeping system for trophy wild boars.  In 2003, Cody became a field editor for Boar Hunter Magazine and wrote for that publication until 2006 when he broke away and started his own publication, "Wild Boar USA" which he printed until 2008.  Cody also invented and developed the wild hog attractant "Black Gold" which became the foundation for his hog hunting based company.  In 2008 Cody expanded and purchased the hog-dog supply company "Ugly Dog Ranch" and merged this with Wild Boar USA.  Cody and his Pro-Staff worked extremely hard to research and develop new blends and combinations of materials that offered hunting dogs the best level of protection possible from the dangers of wild boar tusks.  Cody's most notable piece of hog-dog equipment is the Guardian style line of cut vests that have saved the lives of hundreds of wild boar catch dogs.

Cody also became the call-on man for the hunting and shooting industry when these companies wanted to get a shot on a big Texas hog.  Cody has guided hunts for personnel from the following companies:  Crimson Trace, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Marlin, DPMS Panther Arms, Patriot Arms, Barrett Firerams, NRA, Cabela's, XS Sights, SFI, CORBON Ammo, Michael's of Oregon, Leupold, Surefire, Harris Publications, SHOT Business, FMG Publications and many more.  Cody has also helped video companies such as The History Channel, Wildlife Quest, NRA, and Bloom Brothers get footage of wild hogs for video projects.  

In 2009 Cody sold his company to JC Cassens.  Cody remains on the Pro-Staff with Wild Boar USA.

Quote from Cody:

"God has blessed me so much thru hog hunting.  The people that I have met and the places that I have been able to go are only second to the friendships that I have made.  Who would have thought that my love to hunt wild hogs would have turned into what it has.  I'm excited to see what the future holds for me and the hogs I so love to chase!"

Question:  What do you consider your favorite style of hog hunting?

Cody:  I'm a sucker for a nice rifle.....I love tactical shooting and have a genuine passion for long guns.  To have a big boar step into view and to be able to connect with a well placed shot from my rifle is an experience that I truly enjoy.
At the same time, to be able to walk into the woods with nothing but a knife and a dog that you have raised and trained and to see your dog find and catch a boar is incredible.  To partner with your dog and together bring down a big boar is an event that has to be experienced and cannot successfully be described.  The trust that you have to have in your dog and the necessity for each of you to do what you have to do to protect the other builds a bond between animal and man like no other.  
Both my rifles and my dogs are integral parts of my hog hunting experience....they are my equal favorites.

Question:  What are your plans for the future in regards to hog hunting?

Cody:  Just keep going on like I have.  I definitely want to spend more time hunting.  To be able to pass down what I've learned to my children and have them experience hunting like I have will be my greatest accomplishment.

Question:  Do you have any new career plans dealing with hog hunting?

Cody:  Who knows what will happen in the future...I still guide a few of my long-time clients a couple of times each year and I love promoting the products and gear that I believe in.  Every day brings something new and exciting...I'm just enjoying each day as it comes.       

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