About Our Gear
Grunter Hunter Gear

We provide the gear you need for a successful hunt: wild hog attractants, hog hobbles, break sticks, LED locator lights, and much more! 

The highest quality T-shirts with original designs. 

We have looked far and wide to find knives that offer the best possible performance at reasonable prices. Our choices are based on blade thickness and construction, handle, and overall durability. These rugged knives are capable of quickly killing the largest of boars and doing so time and time again....They can be worked hard and put up wet and still perform flawlessly the next time out.

Hog Dog Gear
All of our Hog Dog gear has been designed through experience. The combined knowledge of Cody Weiser, Krystal Rohan and input from other great hunters has resulted in the best gear available. We are continually striving to improve our product line by listening to you, our customers. 

Available in these products:
  • Guardian Cut Vests
  • Texas Boar Bibs
  • Ugly Dog Cut Collars
  • Defender Cut Collars, etc.

The Guardian Series
This vest comes standard with the following features: overlapping 3 sleeve design to protect your dog's shoulders from any direction. The entire body of the vest is cross-stitched providing awesome strength and cut resistance. The neck, throat, and jaw areas incorporate Biothane plating material. All metal hardware is 100% stainless steel. Many other vests on the market only strengthen the shoulders or chest area, but The GUARDIAN Series is reinforced and cross-stitched on the entire vest body and provides some of the most complete pieces of hog-dog protective gear available today. We have been asked many times which vest offers the most protection...the regular GUARDIAN (special order) or the GUARDIAN KEVLAR? In all our testing we have found that both seem to have very similar levels of cut resistance. The regular GUARDIAN is much thicker which also gives a lot of impact protection and cuts down on muscle bruising and broken ribs. The GUARDIAN KEVLAR is much lighter which allows it to increase flexibility and keeps it cooler during hot weather hunting. Everyone has their own opinions and goals when it comes to protection and preferences....Having both the GUARDIAN and GUARDIAN KEVLAR available to our customers provides you with an option. Our newest addition to this series is the...Guardian Titan.

Econo Series
These products offer a design that is functional and affordable. All hardware is nickel plated. 

Lifetime Series
All of our lifetime products are made with stainless steel hardware and are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. 

Lookie Here!
Everything you like to look at...We have carefully selected the best action DVDs; Get a full collection of the Wild Boar USA Magazine (no longer in circulation); We've made our new logo into a cool decal. Check it out!  
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