Krystal and Thomas Rohan started developing hog dog gear in 2002. After three years of developing and testing gear they opened Ugly Dog Ranch in 2005 to provide hunters and their dogs with tried and proven gear. Since then Wild Boar USA and Ugly Dog Ranch have become one entity. Krystal continues to field test gear and continually refine the gear. Krystal's years of experience and expertise contribute greatly to allowing Wild Boar USA/Ugly Dog Ranch to become the highest recommended source for hunting dog gear.

Wild Boar USA was founded by Cody Weiser who has established himself as a pioneer for the hog hunting industry. He is a leading author in hunting related articles and published  Wild Boar USA magazine. Cody also designed the Guardian and Titan series vests. Cody developed Weiser Weight and Tusk, which is a world class wild boar and wild barr  scoring system based on tusk and weight class. Cody remains available as a consultant whose  input is an invaluable resource. Cody is our resident expert on any and all questions relating to any form of hog hunting, from ammo to hog X-termination!!  Cody also developed Black Gold Wild Boar Attractant

Through our PRO STAFF, you have the advantage of knowledge covering all the ins-and-outs of hog hunting and trapping.

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